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¿ Visuable or invisuable ?

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    &fly  sky&   space    K - Lagoinha and Lagoonies

Valid from 11.7.2??? on going....

Independend Instructions + Equipement Galaxinha


Course Prebooked Price in Euro (other currencies availible )

Beginner 6 h incl. Material    180.-

Beginner 10h incl. Material    270.-

License on the beach    25.-

Kite Move on incl. Material 2 h   95.-

Kite Move on excl. Material 2 h   75.-

Kite Move on incl. Material 4 h   185.-

Kite Move on excl. Material 4 h   135.-

Privat Lesson incl. Material 1 h   65.-

Privat Lesson excl. Material 1h   55.-

Pre-Instructor Cours 3 days availible € 250.- 

Surfing- Bodyboarding:

Up do 8 Persons incl. Wet. & Mat. 4 hours   45 .-


Starter Course for € 45.- availible !!!

Windsurf courses on demond

*Wind-, Kite- and Surfequipment with acessoir - rentals on demond.

*The number of hours can change in relation with the size of the class

*Excurions to other Spots availible


*Payment Conditions @ least just be4 start!!!

-Flying minutes from 5.- up to unlimited.

ask witch currency is actual

Regional, National,Multinational up to space into interstellar


Lounch, "launch" and Alimentation

Have a cacao or COFFEE & enjoy it! 

Then land..(ldg)...or ship

changes can happen , astron..cmd lead   pilot travels /flies *

⛵️🧡🌠🛳🪶🏄‍♂️🧭🌐✨☄⚡🌀  ACTIVITIES 🛩️ 🛫 🚀 🛰️ ⭐️🦋😎👮🌌

ex port s customs

land, water, air   n   space    ways


just about to get perfect!

N454  c0sm0n4utos  thaico r0sc0sm0  354 3454  4n4c   & more

Mars u Venus n more in n outside

*changes can happen, astron. cmd lead pilot travels, flies