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¿ Visuable or invisuable ?

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sea L

    fly  sky   space    K - Lagoinha and Lagoonies

Valid from 11.7.2??? on going....

Independend Instructions + Equipement Galaxinha


Course Prebooked Price in Euro⁶ (other currencies availible )

Beginner 6 h incl. Material    180.-

Beginner 10h incl. Material    270.-

License on the beach    25.-

Kite Move on incl. Material 2 h   95.-

Kite Move on excl. Material 2 h   75.-

Kite Move on incl. Material 4 h   185.-

Kite Move on excl. Material 4 h   135.-

Privat Lesson incl. Material 1 h   65.-

Privat Lesson excl. Material 1h   55.-

Pre-Instructor Cours 3 days availible 250.- 

Surfing- Bodyboarding:

Up do 8 Persons incl. Wet. & Mat. 4 hours   45 .-


Starter Course for 45- availible !!!

Windsurf courses on demond

*Wind-, Kite- and Surfequipment with acessoir - rentals on demond.

*The number of hours can change in relation with the size of the class

*Excurions to other Spots availible

*Payment Conditions @ least just be4 start!!!

ships cmd 5 .- per nautical millage    

-Flying minutes from 5.- up to unlimited.

ask witch currency is actual

Regional, National,Multinational up to space into interstellar


Lounch, "launch" and Alimentation

Have a cacao or COFFEE & enjoy it! 

Then land..(ldg)...or ship

changes can happen , astron..cmd lead   pilot travels /flies *

 ️🧡🌠🛳🪶🏄‍♂️🧭🌐✨☄⚡🌀  ACTIVITIES 🛩️ 🛫 🚀 🛰️ ⭐️🦋😎👮🌌

ex port s customs

land, water, air   n   space    ways


just about to get perfect!

N454  c0sm0n4utos  thaico r0sc0sm0  354 3454  4n4c   & more

Mars u Venus n more in n outside

*changes can happen, astron. cmd lead pilot travels, flies

icc wto worldbank & some more organisations iata ICAO 

galaxinha from portuguese:

★ feminine singular diminutive of galaxy  ★

female name

ASTRONOMY set of a very large number of stars, other stars, cosmic dust and gas,

with a spiral, elliptical or ir regular shape, animated by movement and expansion, which constitutes an astral system

ASTRONOMY the best-known astral system, to which the solar system belongs, and to whose projection on the celestial sphere, seen

from an interior point, it is called the Milky Way or Estrada de Santiago

from  greek galaxías, “ milky way s"

¿plural ?  poly or multi ❔️or simple   galaxies

☆ ♡♤♡ ☆